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Beyond the Pit

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Beyond the Pit Summary

The world of Titan is a dangerous place, filled with monsters, animals, constructs and demons of all kinds.

The original Out of the Pit book brought you 250 of these monsters, although this barely contained the most common!  Now, we bring you another 250 dangerous and intriguing denizens of Titan.

Whether using this book to provide adversaries for Advanced Fighting Fantasy heroes or simply as a companion as you pit your skill against the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, the descriptions and illustrations herein will prove invaluable in your travels through the world of Fighting Fantasy.


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5 product stars
Loved it - Phil Sadler - 14/09/2016
This is a great book for FF enthusiasts, but I'm sure it would act as a nice 'monster manual' for just about anyone interested. Well written, nicely spaced, informative and a good smattering of jokes, I would recommend this to all Fighting Fantasy fans and to anyone looking for ideas for monsters for their own books and campaigns.